AirSoft Guns Can Be Used to Hone Skills

There is an inexpensive, easy alternative to using your firearm to practice skills to increase muscle memory. Consider an AirSoft alternative. AirSoft is a general category of spring or compressed gas firearm replicas that shoot plastic BBs. There are pistols, rifles, and shotgun AirSoft replicas. These are not classified as firearms, but do not mistake them for harmless toys. They are used by some organizations for force on force exercises and the participants wear special protective equipment such as eye and face protection and long sleeved heavy shirts. These things can sting! The same rules and precautions you were taught for firearms apply. Donít shoot the cat!

There are replicas of just about any firearm. AirSoft guns feature the same grip position, feel, and weight of your carry firearm or favorite weapon. Go online and find what is out there. It is really amazing! I found a true replica to my carry gun and it really feels right.

Remember when we talked about the value of dry firing? Now you can use a pistol that shoots plastic 6MM BBs and check your aim, sight picture, and trigger press. For a little over $100, you can get a practice weapon you can use in your backyard. You can practice tactics such as firing from cover and firing while moving to reinforce the skills taught at the range. The true value is that you will tend to practice more and your pay off will be improved accuracy and reinforcement of new skills.

You will move quickly from the cognitive stage of learning where you cannot see your own errors to the autonomous stage where you can practice and adapt the skills to your environment. Now you can practice and adapt skills such as firing weak handed around a corner in your home with the safety of an air pistol.



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