How Do You Select an Attorney for Defense Related Shooting?

Not all attorneys are created equal. Almost all attorneys select a specialty while in law school. Some go into corporate, tax, estate planning, and real estate. I do not want a family friend who practices contract law defending me if I end up in court following a self defense use of my firearm.

If you use a firearm to defend yourself, you will be investigated by the police for possible criminal charges. Even if you end the life of an attacker and clearly acted in self defense, you can expect to be sued by their family for wrongful death. Sad, but true. You can do everything within the law and still have to defend yourself in court.

You need to look for a criminal defense attorney before you need one if you elect to carry a firearm. Ask questions:

*    What is your experience in cases involving use of deadly force?

*    What is your track record?

*    What investigative recourses can you offer?

*    What are the costs to have you on retainer?

*    What can I expect to pay?

*    Will you accept the NRA carry insurance to cover court costs?

Now you can begin to weed out the attorneys that you just do not like. The attorney works for you, but you must carefully select the traits that are compatible with your personality and potential needs. Will your attorney bail you out after a bad guy invades your home and dies of a gunshot wound on your property?

Remember: You only get one shot at a good defense.



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