Automobile Safety 

1. Always have your keys out and ready before leaving a building to approach your car. Fumbling through your purse for keys after you've reached your car provides criminals an excellent opportunity to sneak up on you.

 2. Look around and in your car before entering. If you are concerned for any reason, walk past your car instead of getting into it.

 3. Use a two-piece key ring with your door/ignition key separate from your other important keys. Give parking valets or mechanics your car keys only. Supplying your entire set of keys creates an opportunity for duplicates to be made.

 4. If your vehicle has tinted windows, use the reflection to scan the area on either side and behind you. By being alert to your surroundings you could avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

 5. Lock your car immediately after entering the vehicle. Make this your first action, even before putting your keys in the ignition.

 6. Check your surroundings before you get out of your car. If something or someone strikes you as out of place or threatening, drive away.

 7. If you are involved in an accident, stay with your car until the police arrive. In minor accidents where the other driver suggests you exchange insurance information, simply hold your drivers' license and insurance information against the window.

 8. Get a cell phone. Using a cellular phone is an effective means of keeping help close at hand during accidents, breakdowns, or other roadside emergencies.

 9. If you are accosted in a parking lot, away from your own vehicle, consider rolling underneath a nearby vehicle. It is difficult to force anyone from under a car.

 10. Make a practice of filling up your vehicle when your gas tank is about half empty. Never let it go so low that you are forced to stop for fuel, particularly at night in an unfamiliar area.

 11. Lock your car and take your keys when you get out to pump gas. Leaving the door unlocked and the keys in the ignition invites a carjacking.

 12. NEVER PICK UP HITCHHIKERS. It is never safe to have a stranger in your car.



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