What To Do In A Carjacking

Carjacking is a fact of life in many parts of the world. Many can be avoided. What should you do if faced with this situation?

Before a carjacking occurs, the bad guys are looking for an easy victim. What does an easy victim look like? You are sitting at a stop light, with the windows open, and you are talking on a cell phone. This sounds like many of us every day. Ease of access and distractions make you an easy target. Limit your vulnerability. Roll up your windows and lock your doors while driving in densely populated areas.

If someone approaches your vehicle, do not open your car window or door. If a police officer wants to talk to you, they will be more than happy to provide identification. READ IT. There are official looking badges available on the internet. If it is not a police officer remember there are lots of sad stories made up to lure you into opening your door or window. You do not have to engage anyone in a conversation. Talk through your closed window and do not get out of your car.

Before you get into your car, look inside and see if anyone is in the back seat or in the passenger side. If you find anyone there, get away as fast as you can. NEVER GET INTO A VEHICLE WITH A BAD GUY. If the bad guy has a gun, run and weave from side to side. A moving target is very hard to hit. Most of the time a weapons expert will miss a moving target. You have a better chance of survival running away than getting in the vehicle.

If someone gains access to your vehicle, it is time to wreck your car. Sounds strange? Remember the distractions I mentioned earlier? There is very little that will distract your bad guy more than their side of the vehicle meeting a tree or a fire hydrant! Drive very fast and find something to bash in the bad guy’s side of the vehicle. Get out fast and get away from the bad guy. Remember, now is the time to use your cell phone to summon help as you move away as fast as your legs will carry you. Distance is life.

Remember these simple rules:

*    Pay attention

*    Close your windows

*    Lock your doors

*    Watch the people around you

*    If carjacked, drive away at a high speed and wreck the car on the bad guy’s side

*    Get out and run

*    Call 911

Remember: You can choose not to be a victim.



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