Why Do You Want to Use a Cell Phone in an Emergency?

Your cell phone is your link to the outside world during an emergency. Most of us have cordless phones in our homes. In the event of an emergency, electricity may be a problem. Try unplugging your cordless phone and see that it does not work.

Here are some things to consider:

*    Do you have good cell phone connectivity at your home? Many of us have opted for cell phones over land lines.

*    Cordless phones are convenient, but have problems. All it takes to make them fail is to interrupt power or disrupt the signal. The disruption is easy. Take your cordless phone and dial one number. No one else can use any handset connected to the network. This is a favorite technique for bad guys.

*    Cell phone networks are much more robust than they were just a few years ago. In years gone by, any emergency would be represented by a surge in cell phone use that would overwhelm the network.

*    Try your cell phone in your designated safe room. There may be areas in the room that favor or hinder its use.

*    Can you dial for help in the dark?

*    Do you know how to put your cell phone in speaker mode as you call 911? It may come in handy if you need your hands to defend yourself or your family. Calls to 911 are recorded and can be used in court.

Be patient. Emergencies stress all parts of the response infrastructure of our cities. Emergency response units will need precise information so that can respond with the right personnel and equipment. They will need the “who, what, where” information.

Remember: Your cell phone may be your only link to the outside world. Keep your phone charged and available.



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