Combat Mindset

It may seem strange to talk about combat in an urban setting in your hometown. After all, this is not Iraq.

If you have a firearm to protect you and your family, you have made the decision to use that firearm. If you havenít made this decision, put the firearm away in a safe place and consider other options. Your firearm is now for target practice and shooting sports.

If you intend to use a firearm for defense there are other things to consider. You now need to focus on possible situations and your actions. Practicing defensive actions requires that you first visualize the possible attacks that may come. Where in your home are the weak points. Usually these are the garage door, windows, or a front door that may not be visible from the street. If someone gains access to your home, where can you confront them?

If you enact your Family Action Plan (see the article What Should Be in a Family Action Plan), you have many problems solved. Your family is in a secure location and you are on the phone with the 911 operator.

It is easy to sit and say that it is easy to fire when you feel threatened. Over a beer it all seems so simple. In reality, if you havenít thought it through, you will hesitate. Your hesitation will kill you by giving your attacker time.

Home defense with a firearm is not for everyone. Not everyone is willing to take a life. Not everyone can live with the consequences.

*    Will you be scared? Yes.

*    Will you revert back to your training? Yes.

*    Are you a better shot than your attacker? Yes.

*    Do you know your house better than your attacker? Yes.

*    Can you control your environment? With practice, yes.

You do not have to change into G.I. Joe. You have to think the process through. What action steps should you take now to thwart an attack?

*    How can you make your home less vulnerable? Landscaping and lighting can really help.

*    How can you prepare your family? Have a Family Action Plan and practice it with your family.

*    How can you prepare for the aftermath? Consult an attorney, the police, and your clergy.

The easiest target for an attacker is the guy who goes outside to confront the attacker in a bathrobe, double barreled shot gun, and a beer. In the end he will likely forfeit his life, gun and beer. Enact a plan, go to the designated safe area, wait and be ready. You can control the surprise.

Remember: You can control an encounter if you have thought it through.



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