Now That I Carry a Concealed Weapon, I Donít Need to Carry Anything Else, Right?


If you have chosen to carry, you should carry several items besides a hand cannon. My students often hear me talk about tools in their toolbox. If you only have a lethal means to resolve a conflict, your options are limited and your actions may be inappropriate and cause you jail time.

*    Pepper spray is easy to slip into a pocket. It gives you the option of slowing or stopping an attack at a distance. The distance depends on the spray. There are different types of sprays. Some use a mist to cover a greater area, some use a stream to concentrate the effect on a small target, and some shoot a gel to cover the area with a thick coat. I prefer the gel or the stream. The mist can be carried by the wind and go off target (and onto you!). Newer sprays are a combination of pepper spray, CS tear gas, and a dye for identification. That is a good package!

*    A knife gives you another tool. I do not like knife fights. You will get cut, but thatís better than getting dead. This is a tool that takes instruction and practice. It doesnít matter if is a punch knife or a quick opening folding blade, it can come as a surprise and give you time to get away from an attacker.

*    Most attacks happen at night. The sun doesnít shine on us at night. A powerful, good quality flashlight will allow you to do many things. With a light you can blind your attacker and change their aim. You can identify attackers hiding in the shadows. And you can increase your chances for a good sight picture if you have to use your handgun. This takes practice. You are now going to shoot one handed and hold the flashlight with your other hand. Notice I did not say weak and strong hand. This may be dictated by cover and you may have to shoot with your weak hand.

*    You should carry a spare magazine or quick loader for your pistol. There might be more than one of the bad guys. Where there is one, there are often two. Where there are two, there are four. Where there are four, there is a gang.

Can you find and bring each of these goodies to bear quickly and consistently? If not, practice, practice, practice.

Remember: Quality practice keeps you safe.



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