Do I have to Render First Aid for a Bad Guy?

You world just turned really bad. You had to shoot a bad guy. Not just that, but you had to shoot them twice or more to stop them. Now what? You just called 911 and are waiting for the ambulance. How do you spend your time? Should you render first aid to show your compassionate nature? NO!

*  The bad guy attacked you

*  You had to use deadly force to stop the attack

These are things you know. They mark you as the innocent victim. You did not go looking for a fight. It came to you quickly and violently. The physical assault is resolved. Spend the time checking on your loved ones without moving from a safe spot or covering the bad guy. If the bad guy is talking let the phone you used to call 911 record the conversation. Remember, all 911 calls are recorded. Make your call and put the phone down as you wait for the police.

*  Does the bad guy have friends outside?

*  Does the bad guy have another weapon?

*  Is the bad guy trying to lure you into a vulnerable situation?


These are things you do not know. These are things that could turn the fight and kill you. Do not get sucked into a bad situation. Your adrenal glands have pumped adrenalin into your blood and screwed up your system. Your perception of the world is skewed. Stay in control of your situation. Keep your distance!


The bad guy chose to attack and invade your home. They chose to confront you. You responded and the attack is over. Check on your family. The bad guy is the responsibility of someone else. You protected the ones that you love. If you do not require first aid, the incident is over.


Try to recreate the scene in your mind to make a clear and accurate report to the police. Get in touch with your attorney. Be very careful with the conversations with the police and EMTs. These remarks will be recorded. This is not the time to say, “Yeah, I shot the SOB. Hope he dies!”


Medical assistance is not your responsibility. Do not get close to the bad guy. How safe were you before the bad guy showed up. That is the place you should stay.


Remember: the bad guy invaded your home and threatened you. You do not have a responsibility to render first aid.



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