Will My Neighbors Think Iím Crazy if I Plan for an Emergency?

Itís not crazy to plan ahead. Self reliance is a skill set and a mind set.

With all the warehouse stores in our communities, it is easy and cheaper to buy in bulk. As with any buying action, discipline and careful planning is the key. If you donít need it or wonít use the items, then they are a waste.

Consider these guidelines:

*    What will your kids eat?

*    What will your pets eat?

*    How much stuff do you need? Fifty rolls of toilet paper sounded like a good idea in the store.

*    What can you use in a specified time and give the rest to the church or to a shelter?

How about training? What first aid training have you had? I donít mean you have to turn into an ambulance chaser, but the skills are inexpensive to acquire and will give you the confidence to tackle a number of difficult situations. Contact the local chapter of the American Red Cross. They offer a number of courses at different levels from standard first aid to advanced first aid and CPR. You might even check with your community college about EMT training. EMT Basic is offered throughout the US and gives valuable information.

Look into classes and programs about home and auto repair.

Consider self defense training. You donít have to become Rambo to secure your property. Most people will never use the defense actions learned in class, but they will always use the confidence.

Build a Family Action Plan (see my articleĒ What Stuff Should You Include in a Family Action Plan?Ē).

Start or join a neighborhood watch group if crime is increasing. Talk with local law enforcement. Consider a ride along with law enforcement.

These are a good place to start to plan and prepare for an emergency.

Remember: Your neighbors might just think you are a little weird, but they will knock on your door for help in an emergency.



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