What First Aid Course Do You Need to Prepare for an Emergency?

There are lots of options out there. As usual, I would start to say, “It depends”. That’s not real helpful, huh?

*    Evaluate the medical needs of your family and neighbors. Do they have any unique medical issues? Do they have any training? If you have any unique medical issues, make sure someone knows how to deal with them too.

*    Check with your local Red Cross chapter. There is someone that oversees the safety training area. Ask them what is offered and what it includes. It might be best to stop by and take a look at the texts used in class.

*    Check with you community college. They often host basic first aid classes and teach courses for credit from basic Emergency Medical Technician all the way to Paramedic.

*    Take CPR.

*    Don’t be the only one in your group with training. Always have a backup plan.

Use the information to build a first aid kit for your home and shop. You can often get a discount on supplies from sponsors of first aid training courses. These kits do not have to be fancy, but you have to keep them stocked. Many times I reach for a first kit and remember using something out of it and not restocking. I’m not too proud to wear a “Sponge Bob” bandage, but I know I will be teased. I usually remember to restock after the teasing. Keep your kit simple. There are times that I substitute new technology for items in the kit, but only after I have used the item to be replaced.

Remember: There is first aid training available that will meet your needs. Get it!



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