Why Should I Use a Holster?

You see gang guys without holsters.  In the movies guys have guns in their belts.  So why should you use a holster? It works for them, right? Holsters are expensive and slow down your draw, right? NO! Ask an NFL wide receiver who is currently serving a prison term for possessing and discharging a firearm that slipped out of its hiding place. Think of what you could lose if your weapon is in your pants!!!

Holsters keep your gun in one place, the same place. You do not have to feel around for it when it is needed. You need consistency. That applies to consistency of feel and consistency of draw. If your gun shifts position in your waist band, belt, or pocket; what will you feel if you have to reach for it? Will you hit the trigger when you are just trying to reach for the grip? What else will you have in your pocket? If the gun fires, what will it hit if it resides in your waistband?

Let us take a look at some objections I have heard:

*    Holsters are expensive – they can be. There are many options on the market today made from leather, fabric, Kydex, or plastic. They vary in price and have become very affordable. There are holsters for your ankle, hip, belt, cross draw, or shoulder. Look online and ask around.

*    Holsters slow your draw – not one of the competition shooters I asked complained of this one. If it doesn’t slow them down, its effect will be negligible and be offset by safety.

*    Holsters are uncomfortable – maybe. Carrying a gun is not meant to be comfortable. It is meant to be comforting. Try a different holster. You may have a friend or someone in a class that will let you try their holster.

*    I can’t reach my holster when I sit down – possible. If you are seated most of your time, consider a shoulder or ankle holster. The holsters that are around your hips may be difficult to reach while wearing a seat belt.

There are answers. Going without a holster is an unnecessary risk.

Remember:  A holster is comforting, not necessarily comfortable!



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