What Should I Use For Home Defense?

There are those who believe that the largest gun you can get is still too small for home defense. Your options are many. While they can be confusing, they can also point to a unique solution for you.

I teach my students that a plan for a home invasion is more important than a specific firearm. A well thought out and rehearsed plan is VERY important. My dad had a double barreled shotgun and a flash light. We all knew where it was and how to use it. We also knew the predetermined code word we could use to stop any engagement.

A hunting rifle with a really good scope means little in the entry hall of your home. It is a good gun, but is not suited for the task. A shotgun or a very good hand gun makes more sense in this instance. Most home confrontations happen in less than twenty feet. They are over very quickly and are very loud and violent.

You need to go to the range and practice quick reaction shooting. You can simulate being in your safe room. This, along with rehearsal of your action plan, will save not only time, but your life.

What caliber of gun can you reliably control and quickly get into the fight? Where is the gun stored?  Can you get to it in the dark when you are scared? Do you have ammo loaded in magazines? Where is your safe room?

The answer to these questions may change over time, but the firearm you have in your hand is better than the one you will purchase next month. There are so many variables to consider and adjust. You may not want a hand cannon. A shotgun or carbine may be a better choice.

A gun is the defense of last resort. Many other items can aid in your defense. Good locks, good lighting, an alarm system, a big dog, or a loud dog, are all items to consider to make your home less inviting. You are in charge of your own security and safety. Think about how you will defend your home from intruders. Defend yourself and your family, not your belongings.

Remember it is an eye for an eye, not an eye for a TV.



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