Why Do I Need a Scope? †Davy Crockett Didnít Have One?

Ok, Iíll grant you that Davy (he preferred being called David) Crockett didnít use a scope. He could shoot the eye out of a squirrel at a hundred paces. As I get older, I cannot see the eye of a squirrel at a hundred paces! There are days I canít see the squirrel! Technology today makes the hard shot soooo much easier.

You can set the trigger of your favorite hunting rifle to the best feel for you and for your conditions. You can custom load you own ammunition to make your rounds as accurate and as repeatable as possible. The choices of powder and bullet weight may require some practice, but you can get the right load for your hunt.

Arguably the greatest technological leaps have come in the optics available for every price range. You can get scopes that work for every environment and distance. There are simple red dot sights that allow you to acquire the target quickly and accurately. Then there are the sniper scopes that allow you to shoot the 50 cal at over a mile!

As with any hunting accessory, you should not be seduced by the new, shiny stuff unless you have asked how you will use the scope. You have options and features that are certainly nice to have, but they may add to the weight and may never be used. Some things sound so good on line, but ten miles from the base camp, the weight really adds up.

Answer these questions:

*    What features do you NEED?

*    What is your budget?

*    How often will you use the rifle?

I love gadgets too. I just canít afford all of them.

Once you have your magic X2010 Wonderscope, How will you mount it to your favorite rifle? You can get equipment and mount it yourself. Make sure it is absolutely level and center the elevation and windage. Check the focus at different distances. Then you go to the range and spend the day sighting the scope in before the hunting trip. This can be very frustrating and cost a lot of ammo to get the rifle on target.

Another method is to hand the rifle to a gunsmith to mount and bore scope the newly equipped rifle. Now, when you go to the range, you will be close to bullís eye with only minor tweaking. It does not cost a great deal to exercise this option and saves a lot of time and effort.

Remember: Davy Crockett would have used a scope if one would have been available!



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