Why Should You Carry Pepper Spray?

Why carry Pepper Spray?

Pepper Spray gives you a low cost, simple, non-lethal method to deter an attacker. It is a valuable tool to have at your disposal. The more tools you have and practice with, the better your chances of survival.

You learned to shoot. You spent a lot of time and energy overcoming the anticipated loud bang and recoil and mastered the sight picture. You shopped and fired several firearms until you found the one that fits and that you like. You visited a gunsmith and added features to your firearm. It is now uniquely yours. You are thinking of getting a concealed carry permit.

*    You have a cell phone. You have 911 on speed dial. Help should only be a call away. Surely the police will respond quickly. Wonít they?

*    You watch those around you. You have practiced increasing awareness. You no longer talk on the phone as you walk to your car. Isnít that enough?

Learning to shoot can be the first critical step in taking control of your own security. A firearm locked up at home is of little use if you are confronted with a potentially hostile situation in the mall parking lot. If you chose to carry and receive the training and keep practicing, you will have the chance to turn the advantage in your favor.

Your cell phone is a good tool, but do not expect response to be quick. The police are not charged with your personal safety. They will respond, write reports, and stop anything that they see when they arrive. Hostile encounters are quick and violent. They are over in seconds. You stand alone.

Your awareness is your key to survival. Watching activities and people around you can save your life. Avoiding confrontation sometimes means going another direction to your car or office door.

When all that has failed, Pepper Spray can stop an attacker at a distance. There are several types of containers, holsters, and types of sprays. I recommend simple container with a flip top instead of the top that must be twisted to arm. You will lose fine motor skills as your adrenalin pumps. I recommend foam spray over mist or stream. The mist can blow away and the foam is easier to see as you spray.

. Remember: If all you have is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.



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