Which Is Better, A Revolver or an Automatic Handgun? The Answer is Yes!

Buying my first gun was like the first time I purchased a computer. I had no idea what I would find inside the store.

I walked into a gun store and was almost overwhelmed by the options. What did I want to buy? The sales team had more information than I could absorb and I did not know what questions to ask. There were discussions about revolvers and automatics, large and small calibers, stainless steel and blue firearms.  

Here are some simple things to ponder that may make your choices easier:

*    Are you looking for a home defense firearm or a carry weapon?

*    Revolvers are limited to about six rounds in the cylinder, is that enough?

*    Automatics can have as many as 19 rounds in the magazine. Is that too much?

*    Revolvers are simple and have fewer parts to wear or break.

*    Automatics do many things internally very fast. They extract the spent casing, eject the casing, load the next round and cock the weapon. That all happens very fast, and it happens automatically.

*    What fits your hand?

*    Are the controls on the gun easy to reach and manipulate without disturbing your grip?

*    Do you point the gun instinctively or do you have to readjust your grip?  A stainless steel gun is more expensive than a gun with the corrosion coating called bluing.  Many firing ranges have guns for rent. They are there for you to try. A gun that fits me may not fit you. Some shooters prefer simple guns and accept the limited ammunition in the firearm. Are five or six rounds enough for your needs?

Research online and in magazines articles. What do other shooters have to say? With a little looking you will find the pistol for you.

Remember: The gun you have when you need it is always better than the gun you intend to purchase next month.


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