Why Do You Need a Security System in Your Home?

You hear a window break at 2 AM. It startles you, but when you hear voices you grab the phone to call 911. The phone is not working. You left your cell phone on the coffee table or in the entry way with your keys. Now what? Lonely, huh? Please donít let this happen to you.

A security system can save you from invasion and can turn away attackers. You must make your property unattractive to bad guys. There are many options.

Consider these items:

*    A sign that advertises that a security system is installed

*    Lights that detect movement

*    Dead bolt locks and metal door frames

*    Sliding glass door blocks (you can use a cut off broom handle cut to the length of the door track when the door is closed)

*    Sensors that detect window and door movement

*    Motion detectors and glass breaking sensors

*    Monitored alarms

*    Armed intervention

These are the most common items used in home protection. There are more elaborate items on the market and the price reflects their sophistication. If your budget is tight, shop around and go online to research systems. You usually do not need sensors for second and third story windows unless there is easy access from a tree or another structure.

One common item you will need is the discipline to arm the system and not give the code to disarm the system to anyone who does not have a real need. This does not include the repair man! I have seen systems with the code written in pencil on the key pad. That is not secure. What seems to work best is a system that makes a great deal of noise and may even flash lights. Bad guys do not like to draw attention to them. If your property has a system and your neighbor does not, bad guys will usually bypass your home.

Remember: You do not have to be a fanatic about it, just careful.


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